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Enhance Spa is very excited to add Acupuncture to our menu! We welcome Ashleigh to our team, she will be working weekdays and Saturday & Sundays! Come and meet her with the following promo:

– 1st Visit/Consultation 60 min Acupuncture  $110
Book this 1st Visit/Consultation and get a FREE $20 Enhance Promo Gift Card

– 60 Min Acupuncture Follow Up $90
– 45 Min Acupuncture Follow Up $70

Covered by most benefit plans (we do not direct bill but give you a receipt).

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Ashleigh offers the following techniques during her sessions:


Chinese acupuncture is an effective form of natural healing that promotes balance in your meridians and harmonizes the relationships between organ systems. Through the use of thin sterile needles and the acupuncture points located on your body, we can achieve your health goals together. It is typically quite painless, most patients report feeling a heavy, dull sensation, or slight tingling.

Fire cupping:

Fire cupping is an ancient modality used to promote free flow of qi (your vital life force energy) and blood. There are a couple style of cupping which are practiced; stationary and slide cupping. Stationary, you’ll have numerous cups placed along the area being treated and they will be left in place for 10-15 minutes. Slide cupping, oil will be used on the area being treated and one cup will slide along the meridians that run through that part of the body. Both of these techniques are great ways to drain excess fluid, remove metabolic waste, encourage cell repair, release muscle tension and reduce pain.

Mei Zen Cosmetic acupuncture:

Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture is the most natural way to get your body to make more collagen. Tiny cosmetic needles are inserted 4mm below the surface of the skin to reach the dermis layer. By repeating positive micro-traumas to the skin, your body will know it has some repair work to do and it sends a protein the the site of needle insertion, and that protein is our favourite C word…..collagen! If you’ve heard of micro needling before, this is very similar and on a much gentler scale. We use the acupuncture points in the face to get our desired results. Now, not to worry, there is really no down time after a treatment, nobody will be able to tell you’ve had anything done, but after a few sessions you’ll have them wondering.