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Sculpted Gel Nails at Enhance Spa Milton:

Gel Nails with Manager Britany $72
Gel Nails with Senior Technician Erica $69
Gel Nails with Senior Technician Kat $68
Gel Nails with Technician Emma $65
Gel Nails with Junior Technician Eva $60

Text 905.878.6050 to book your gel nail appointment or book on our app…download from your app store, search for ‘enhance spa.

A question we are often asked is ‘what makes your gel nails different from other spas in Milton? ‘
These are our reasons why:

1) We do not use any artificial tips. At your first appointment you can choose to have just an overlay of your natural nail, or have your nails lengthened. If you require lengthening we do this by sculpting the gel. This means you can proudly tell people that you don’t have “artificial” or “fake nails”. They are your own natural nails with a layer of gel on top.

2) For those who like a french tip, we do not airbrush or paint on the tip. We sculpt the tip with white gel, so once cured under the uv light it is completely set in the gel, and will not chip or fade.

3) Unlike other spas or salons, we do not do typical “fills”, every time you come back our nail technicians remove about 75% of the gel and reapply it back on. This helps to maintain a thin nail enhancement. This also allows appointments to be spaced out longer as well, many of our gel nail clients are able to go 3-4 weeks between appointments (compared to every 2 weeks when you get ‘fills’).

4) Nail art on 1-2 nails, sparkles, patterns, french or shellac colour on all nails are no extra charge. See our Instagram page for photos of our recent nails:

High quality gel nails are rare to find in Milton, and even in the surrounding areas of Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown and Guelph. Many high end spas do not offer gel nails, they only offer Shellac nails. Shellac is great for those with nice natural nails or those who like a shorter nail, but you cannot lengthen the nail with Shellac. For those with weak, thin, brittle or short nails our gel nail service is perfect for you: we can add length, and give the nails strength and shine.

As most spas in Milton do not offer Gel Nails many customers think their only option are the discount salons who do “bio gel” and acrylic nails. Sometimes these discount salons use products  containing lots of chemicals, and they do not practice the strict sanitation that we do. We do not do acrylic nails at Enhance due to the odor, preferring to only use a high quality UV gel.