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Laser Hair Removal Milton


Laser Hair Removal Milton

Laser hair removal involves using a light assisted means to transfer energy into the follicle to destroy the growing cells nourishing the hair. Laser hair removal removes hair with dark (melanin) pigmentation, leaving the remaining tissue unaffected.

At Enhance Cosmetic Centre & Spa we have the distinct advantage of offering multiple lasers that can be used simultaneously covering larger areas quickly and effectively.  Our fees are extremely competitive in the Greater Toronto Area.

The LightSheer® diode laser is a state-of-the-art system that is specifically designed to remove unwanted hair faster on most skin types, with less discomfort and more reliability than other methods.  There are a number of important features that have made the LightSheer® the technology of choice for hair reduction:

Efficacy – the LightSheer® targets hair follicles with high power and a high fluence for excellent, long-term results.

Clinically proven safe and effective – due to the large number of LightSheer® systems in the field, many long-term clinical studies have been undertaken.  Ample evidence is available demonstrating the impressive ability to remove hair long-term.

Fast – the LightSheer’s® large spot size allows for a short procedure time

Advanced and patented ChillTip – provides continuous contact cooling of the skin with superior epidermal protection, maximizing patient comfort

Enhance Cosmetic Centre’s newest addition…

The Fotona SP Dynamis, ND YAG laser.  This state of the art Laser at ECC is proven to be not only effective but also the safest hair removal laser on the market for even the darkest skin types.  This laser is ideal for dark course hair on any skin colour.

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