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Milton Microblading and Permanent Make-Up – $50 off


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Milton Microblading and Permanent Make-Up

Microblading (Hand-Tool) OR Machine Work – Shading, Powder/Ombre:
Reg. $349
Combination Hand-Tool + Machine:
Reg. $399

Top or Bottom: Reg. $249
Top & Bottom: Reg. $449

Outline $399
Shaded/Stained $699

Touch Up for all services: $99 per touch up within 3 months of first service.
3 months – 2 years after first service: $150 per touch up
After 2 years of full service: Book regular priced service.

Please note: Most clients will need one touch up 6 weeks after their initial services. Whether touch-ups are needed after that depends on clients skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, medications etc plus clients colour/shade preference. One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘how long does it last’? That is a very difficult question to answer but on average permanent make-up/semi-permanent make-up lasts 2-5 years before fading.