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Milton Microblading / Permanent Make-Up


Introducing browrehab @ Enhance!

Permanent Make-Up Services
Performed by Rachel, Our Certified
Permanent Cosmetic Professional:

Enhance your beauty with browrehab!
Microblading (Hand-Tool) or
Machine Work – Hairstroke, Powder/Ombre:
Reg. $450
Combination Hand-Tool + Machine:
Reg. $500

Look made-up from the moment you wake-up with
permanent eyeliner. Can be just eyelash enhancement
(a very thin line in the eyelashes) or a thicker line.
Top or Bottom: Reg. $350
Top & Bottom: Reg. $600

Also available: Lip Outline & Lip Shading.

Prices above include a FREE Touch Up 4-6 weeks after if needed. Many of the girls @ Enhance have had their brows and eyeliners done by Rachel, so feel free to come and see her work! Photo gallery to come.

Call/Text 905.864.0000 to book your FREE consultation with Rachel.