Main Street Specials

Special Offers for Enhance Cosmetic Centre & Spa located at 238 Main Street East in Milton

Enhance Medspa Specials


New Facial!

HydraDermabrasion Facial $99 (reg. $150) This amazing facial combines the exfoliation of microdermabrasion with a deep pore cleaning and deep infusion of products. Also includes Ultrasound, RF Skin Tightening and Oxygen. Get a long lasting glowing complexion!


New Peel & Product Line

We are excited to introduce Alumier to Enhance Main Street!

AlumierMD was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. They assembled a team of top scientists and physicians to bring you the most effective formulations using optimal medical-grade ingredients.

– Alumier Light Peel $99 (reg. $125)
30% Lactic Acid. A great peel for sensitive, rosacea-prone, dry and mature skin. It instantly leaves the skin looking hydrated. No down-time.

–  Alumier Clear Peel $99 (reg. $125)
20% Salicylic Acid. This peel is amazing for oily, congested or acne prone skin. Includes extractions. No down-time.

– Alumier Glow Peel $125 (reg. $150)
Half Jessers, 7% Lactic, 7% Salicylic, 7% Resorcinol. The strongest enhance peel, can be used on most skin types and treats many skin concerns like wrinkles/lines, acne, sun damage/hyperpigmentation. Up to 5 days down-time and a post procedure kit is included in the cost…a $24 value!


Holiday Glow Facial

Miracle 10 Dermaplaning Facial $99 (Reg. $150) Dermaplaning uses a blade to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair.


(Not valid with any other offers. Above offers expire Dec 14, 2019).