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Why Choose Enhance Cosmetic Centre…


Find out why our cosmetic centre has the most experienced staff and best equipment in town…

The Cosmetic Centre (formally ECC Laser) has serviced many clients under the direction of Judith Finn, CME, CCE Int., RDT since the beginning of her career in 1984.  With over 30 years in practice, Judith and her team at Enhance Cosmetic Centre offers the most experience you will find at any laser/cosmetic centre in Milton. Today, the Centre has become a top-rated Canadian skin care facility, providing permanent hair removal, microscopic skin analysis and laser therapy for acne, rosacea, sun damage and much more. Through the staff’s second-to-none knowledge and experience, you’ll get visible results to your skin care concerns.

Enhance Cosmetic Centre has the most advanced laser technologies on the market. We work with medical lasers – not aesthetic level lasers – that demand skill only available from trained professionals. Many spas advertise laser hair removal but did you know that most are IPL technology that is not always effective at removing hair, compared to our Diode technology. At Enhance we have 3 Lightsheer Diodes for permanent hair reduction. Our Diodes also have a patented chill tip for a more comfortable treatment. We can offer hair removal for all skin/hair colours.

Do not be fooled by price and groupon type deals! You could end up spending much more having multiple sessions with no results, compared to minimal sessions with our top of the line lasers. Our prices are competitive, but also reflect our state of the art equipment and experience.

“I’ve noticed more in one treatment at Enhance than the 10 treatments I’ve had at another spa” – ECC Client
“Just in two underarm treatments, I’ve noticed that there is 50% less hair growth.” – ECC Client
“After waxing for years, I couldn’t believe the growth change after just one treatment.” – ECC Client

Complimentary consultations are offered to all new clients to ensure the most appropriate treatment plan is offered. Call or text 905.864.0000 to book yours.